Facebook Ads isn't magic, it's cause and effect

Team New Rich reveals the expert secrets that lets you leverage the power of the Facebook algorithm to build an unstoppable pixel in any niche. You'll learn the Master Facebook Ads Strategy that's been meticulously optimized and re-optimized for 5 years.

We help neurotic dropshippers

This person represents 99% of dropshippers. Their focus is pulled to the most salacious Youtube headline by the newest dropshipping "guru." Their commitment to discipline strategy is almost non-existent, moving on to the latest and greatest advertising strategy or logistical model. So confused about what to do they are changing their landing pages, ads, and budgets daily. They see success in dropshipping as guessing a combination to a bank safe.

Become An E-commerce Expert

This person is that rare 1% of e-commerce experts that you've never heard about. They wake up laser focused on innovating on the weakest part of their business model. Their stores are almost all automated and are have a strong brand presence that attracts customers to them. You won't find them online flaunting their results. They are granular, data-focused and always win.

Here's How It Works

Team New Rich gives you the exact tools you need to have your own 6 or 7-figure e-commerce store.

No BS — we'll give you the strategies and attention you need to get you to the next level.

Proven Process

We turned the uncertainty of finding a winning product, scaling ads, and managing your supply chain into crystal clear scientific process. Follow a paved pathway that is proven to work and driven by hard data.

Mindset Reprogramming

Recalibrate your mind for total success. Adopt the mindset process of the 1% of business people who focus on high performance and tangible success.

Entrepreneur Community

Level up your inner circle and join a community of hardworking, results driven entrepreneurs. Ask for advice, collaborate and make some allies for your entrepreneurial journey.

Expert mentorship

No matter how comprehensive the training is, you'll always have questions. Get 24/7 access to e-commerce specialists in our Facebook group, monthly live streams Q&A's and email support.

Proven numbers, proven results


Revenue earned by students


6-Figure Students


7-Figure Students

4.76 Stars from 54 customer reviews 22% of students

have their business "automated"

Master the skills, conquer everything

A pyramid is only as impressive as the foundation it's built on.

We teach you the skills to let you pierce through the noise against any competitor. 

Business fundamentals

Getting familiar with Shopify, Aliexpress/Alibaba, automation software, and proper business strategy.

Expert product research

Skip the guesswork and go straight to exactly what works. Find, deliver and improve on products customers want and need.

Facebook ads strategy

Getting your audience's attention, building a red hot pixel, and turning window shoppers to paying customers.

Funnel building

Scrutinize the customer experience and turn a one off purchase to a loyal consistent customer.

Lean product testing

Clear strategy and metrics to know when you have a dead product or winner product.

Dynamic retargeting

Always convert abandonment with automated, high ROI retargeting software. You'll make sure customers won't forget to purchase.

Leveraging credit cards

Learn how to maximize and utilize specific credit cards for free airline travel and hotel stays while spending the money you were going use regardless.

Conversion rate optimization

Be scientific in every layer of your business and optimize for an ideal cost-value ratio.

Advanced buyer psychology

Learn how to ethically stack "pushes" and influence a customer action in every funnel. 

Hiring a virtual team

How to interview, hire and compensate effective employees to handle the grunt work of your business so you can focus on what really matters.

Software automation

How to block out the noise and manage your processes, leveraging automation technology.

Scaling & sustainability

Turning a shaky business with one winning product into a sustainable brand that can run itself.

Apply for one-on-one mentorship

Two or three spots are open every month for direct mentorship from a Team New Rich founder. You'll get access to our personal network, connected with top virtual assistants and have a chance to travel and hang out with Team New Rich. 

Direct Mentorship

Personal Training

Personal one-on-one guidance with a seasoned expert teaching mastery of e-commerce with a kick of personalization.

*No guarentees of acceptance*


Millionaires Created

Hundreds of people have found massive success in e-commerce from the teachings of Team New Rich. Master each step of becoming an e-commerce expert and join the list of 7-figure success students.

Arie Scherson

Arie Scherson has 62,800 subscribers on Youtube and consistently generates $100k+ per month on his stores.

Sam Jacobs

Sam is one of the youngest 7-figure e-commerce experts, indulging in public speaking and conversion rate mastery.

Wilson Lee

Wilson generated 7-figures in his first 4 months in e-commerce exploding ordinary products into trending brands.

Ronald Samudio

Ronald has scaled over 12 e-commerce stores from zero to $100,000+ within 30 days with consistency.

Chelsea Guarriello

Chelsea was one of the original 7 figure students scaling her small goods dropshipping store from zero using advanced manual bidding methods.

Vijay Sivaraju

Vijay has done $4 million within the last 4 months and has profited $1.4mm using laser targeted ads on Facebook. (Updated 10/27/2019)

High Level Ecom Mastery

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